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The Dudes try their hand at being a psychic, making one prediction each for the year It will all make sense when you listen to the podcast tonight about Baba Vanga.

Catch the podcast at 8pm PST on dudes.

Some useful benefits of salt. Salt does all kinds of stuff and the Dudes are here with a few of their favorite salt tips. The Dudes discuss the Prisoner's Dilemma, a concept analyzing cooperative behavior in game theory. It's time for the biggest game of the Www dudes com Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos and the Dudes are here with their prediction. Check out the video now and the podcast tonight at 8pm PST on dudes.

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Tonight at 8pm PST on dudes. Charles and Antonio share their top 3 Horror Movies to get you ready for the real horror story of the Exorcism of Anneliese Michel.

You may know the Ancient 7 Wonders of the World, but did you know there is a new 7 Wonders? Charles and Antonio give their monuments that should have Www dudes com honorable mention.

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The Borgia family was an interesting bunch in papal history. Check out a quick rundown of some of their exploits. Then, tonight at 8pm PST, hear the story of something even more ridiculous Www dudes com bit of New Years fun as we make college bowl game predictions. And later Www dudes com, our newest podcast on what exactly is a year. The Dudes share a story of giving on the holidays.

Check out the podcast tonight at 8pm PST on dudes. Merry Christmas from the Dudes! Lets bring back some fun sayings that you never heard being used by your generation. And then tune in tonight at 8pm PST to hear the origin of some great idioms. Check out the video here and the podcast tonight on iTunes, Stitcher, Spreaker, or dudes.

A little bit of math magic to start your day off.

More on the evolution of numbers tonight at 8pm PST on iTunes or at dudes. All the small things in life effect the big picture. It's organized chaos, but it is not always a bad thing. Check out the video and the podcast tonight at 8pm PST on dudes. A great story of chance and family It's that time again. Time to talk RACE! Check out the video where we find out just how racist Antonio might be. And for a real in depth and personal conversation about race, check out the episode tonight at 8pm on dudes.

Another installment of Baffle Me, Part Podcast Www dudes com tonight at 8pm PST on iTunes or at dudes.


Newest episode with a great story, tonight at Www dudes com pm Charles Www dudes com Antonio play a little game of guess that actor to prepare you for tonight's episode at 8pm PST on iTunes or at dudes. Where does a rainbow come from? How does it work? Charles and Antonio play a small game of trivia as a sneak peek to the newest podcast episode coming Wednesday.

So the Dudes decide to give you some news that will make you smile and laugh. About every six months I get the itch to complete a full sweep of my home, office, and all tangible items I own. Something about holding onto things I simply do not use or that clutter the tiny spaces I have available bother me tremendously. Needless to say, I am not one for holding on to memorabilia that bring moments of nostalgia.

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I do have some trinkets and pictures stored in a trunk in my garage but mostly from my days as a high school and college athlete. However, there is a picture. One picture in particular, that seems to beg for me to hold on for dear life. When Www dudes com was 16 years old I had the amazing opportunity to travel Www dudes com Italy for two weeks with some of my classmates.

As most, I wanted to capture these moments in time but I was still a 16 year old rambunctious kid who could drink legally in Italy. I took a bunch of disposal Kodak cameras and snapped shots while on the trip.

Most of the pictures simply capture nights out on the town, a little bit of architecture, and beautiful people. When I came home and they were developed, there was a picture of a young girl around 4 or 5 years of age, wearing a flower dress and rosary, standing in a rose bush with a stunned look as if she was not prepared for the snapshot.

The picture was beautiful but I was not the photographer who took it! The mystery of where this came from, who took the picture, and who this little girl was has stuck with me for over 15 years now.

It could be some random girl from Italy or a tiny mix up with another customers negatives when my pictures were developed.

How we got started

I simply do not know the answer. This little girl is now probably 20 or 21 years old and could be living down the street from me; an Italian pop star; a criminal; heading off to college; or simply working a job like everyone else.

The mystery surrounding these potential answers are why I have had this picture for so long and why Www dudes com are now looking for this young woman. That is why we need your help.

We hope to find this young woman, contact her, and interview her about the picture and her life. We are asking that everyone not just like this post but share it. Share it with friends and family.

We wish these creatures were...

Help us complete this missing piece of a puzzle I have been waiting to complete for 15 years. Charles and I, Antonio, are hoping to locate this young woman, take a trip, and document everything so you all can be a part of this journey as well. We thank you for your help in advance.

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Check out the video for more details, including the picture of the girl. You can also listen to this podcast episode and others on our website www. We look forward to sharing our progress as this story unfolds.

This photo was taken 15 years ago. Help us find her. Please share with everyone you know.

For more info listen to the podcast and check out the video. We wish these creatures were real.

Just as it reads, we are talking Beards. Check out tonight's podcast at 8pm PST Www dudes com dudes. As football season is under way, The Dudes give their best and worst color rush uniforms for the new season. For more football fun, check out tonight's podcast at 8pm PST on dudes. The Dudes share some background about a few lucky charms you may not have known are so lucky. For more on some unique and weird traditions, check out the podcast tonight at 8pm PST on dudes.

The Steel Driving Man. A railroad story to get you ready for an episode on the Underground Railroad, tonight 8pm PST on dudes. Time to celebrate because we have officially reached episodes. Www dudes com straight weeks we have put out the Dudes Podcast.

Before tonight's show, we figured lets take a look back at some of the moments that kept us in stitches.

A short clip to get you excited for our first live event at Tatuaje Catch the fun facts and live interviews tonight at 8pm PST on dudes. Trains, specifically train tunnels. A few technical difficulties uploading it yesterday before the podcast, Www dudes com better late than never, right? And if you haven't heard the podcast on Jesse James yet, check it out, it went up last night on 23dudes.

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You know, showing your ass cheeks. Well, it is actually been around a lot longer than you might know. Tonight, lets celebrate a different moon. The anniversary of the moon landing.

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Check it out at 8pm PST on dudes. San Antonio Riverwalk is a great place and here are some reason why. Tonight we get to real boxing though. Charles teaches Antonio about a different Khan Guys who were just hard to kill. Getting us ready for tongiht's podcast on Rasputin. DUDES BEING DUDES IN WINE COUNTRY. EXPERIENCE UP-AND-COMING, WORLD-CLASS WINE REGIONS THROUGH THE LENS OF TWO BUDDIES.

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fall None of this would be possible without our local partners: TERRA MOMO BREAD COMPANY. Princeton, NJ. TRENTON COFFEE HOUSE &. Items Www dudes com - 24 of 32 The Berlin based Dudes Factory was founded in by good friends with a common goal of building a brand that would allow them to.

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