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Harley bonks chase of the Joker also known as Batman of the Future: Return of the Joker in the United Kingdom and Australia is a American direct-to-video superhero mystery animated film featuring the comic book superhero Batman and his archenemy, the Joker. It is set in the continuity of the animated series Batman Beyondin which Bruce Wayne has retired from crime fighting, giving the mantle of Harley bonks chase to high-school student Terry McGinnisand serves as a sequel to both Batman: Before its release, the film was heavily edited to remove scenes of intense violence, and some dialogue was altered, thus creating the "Not-Rated" version of the film.

The original version was subsequently released on DVD following an online petition to have the original version released.

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Family Entertainment to do so. Inthe Joker mysteriously resurfaces in Neo-Gotham Cityafter having disappeared over thirty-five years ago, taking control over a faction of Jokerz criminal gang. After Harley bonks chase his appearance during a press conference to commemorate Bruce Wayne's return as CEO of Wayne EnterprisesBruce insists that his archnemesis, whom he fought Harley bonks chase as Batmandied after his last battle despite the evidence to the contrary.

Following the attack, Wayne's successor Terry McGinnisalongside his girlfriend Dana, are attacked by the Jokerz at a nightclubwhile the Joker simultaneously ambushes Bruce in the Batcavepoisoning him with his trademark toxin.

After Wayne is hospitalised upon being treated with the antidote, Terry convinces Commissioner Barbara Gordon to explain the truth surrounding Joker's disappearance.

Batman furiously attacked the Joker in retaliation, while Barbara dealt with Harley. In their final battle, Harley fell into a mine shaft under the ruins and disappeared, while Drake turned on the Joker and killed him before suffering a mental breakdown.

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Harley bonks chase the aftermath, Barbara's father, Harley bonks chase James Gordonpromised to keep secret what had happened. Tim was rehabilitated by Dr. Leslie Thompkinsbut Bruce forbade him from resuming his vigilante role, blaming himself for what happened and vowing never to endanger another young partner.

Tim soon left afterwards to make a new life for himself. Having two leads on who the Joker could be, Terry decides to question Tim, who now works as a top-level communications expert. Tim denies any involvement with the Joker and bitterly claims he had grown sick of his past life as Robin.

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Terry then proceeds to meet with Wayne Enterprises' operations manager Jordan Pryce, who resented Bruce's return ruining his chances Harley bonks chase controlling Wayne Enterprises. Finding him on the company's yachtTerry overhears him admitting to hiring the Jokerz and giving them access codes to steal equipment from the company, but learns that the gang now intends to kill him on the Joker's orders to cover his tracks.

Terry manages to rescue Pryce before the yacht is destroyed by an orbital military satelliteand turns him over to the police along with the recording of the conversation between him and the Jokerz.

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Returning to the Batcave, Terry discovers that amongst the damage done by Joker in his attack on Bruce, only the Harley bonks chase outfit was ripped apart, and deduces that Tim is working with the Joker. Analyzing the stolen components and piecing them together per Tim's expertise, Terry learns that the Joker has created a satellite-jamming device that can control orbiting military satellites and strike any ground target at will.

Harley bonks chase the Joker to the abandoned Jolly Jack Candy Factory, Terry infiltrates it only to discover that Tim is not working for the Joker, but in fact is him, when he transforms into the villain. Terry learns from the Joker that when he kidnapped Robin, he secretly implanted him with a microchip built from cutting-edge genetics technology, infused with the Joker's consciousness and genetics.

This allowed the Joker to transform Tim slowly into a clone of himself, eventually becoming strong enough to permanently control Tim's body at will. Harley bonks chase him having extensive knowledge on Bruce's tactics, Terry improvises by using his own street fighting techniques, alongside taunting the Joker over his obsession with Bruce and his origin, to lower the Joker's guard.

Using Joker's joy buzzerwhich was dislodged from his hand during the fighting and inadvertently redirected a military satellite to target the factory, Terry destroys the Joker's microchip, freeing Tim and reverting him to his old self, thus destroying the Joker forever. The pair soon escape the factory as it is destroyed along with the satellite-jammer.

While the Jokerz are mostly imprisoned, the twins Dee Dee are bailed out by an elderly woman whom is hinted to be Harley, who is revealed that she had, indeed survived the fall decades ago. Meanwhile, Terry is thanked by Bruce and Tim for saving their lives, both acknowledging his worth to the Batman mantle before reconciling with one another in Barbara's presence.

The film was put in production after the cancellation of Boyd Kirkland 's Batman: SubZeroas well as the planned third Harley bonks chase The Animated Series feature film.

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Something interesting to note is that the show's recurring character Maxine "Max" Gibson is inexplicably absent from the film. The design of the Joker in the film was the second revamp of physical appearance, after his redesign in The New Batman Adventures.

The design of the character of Chucko was inspired in a clown costume of Eric Radomskiwhile the character of Ghoul's design was loosely Harley bonks chase on The Scarecrowone of Batman 's original foes. Dee Dee's original designs were also very different to the final ones, resembling very much the classic disguise of her grandmother Harley Harley bonks chase.

Besides the main cast of the TV series who returned to reprise their rolesthe producers also cast Michael Rosenbauma voice actor that voiced many characters in Batman Beyondas Ghoul, one of the Joker's Jokerz.

The others were voiced by other DCAU voice actors. Rosenbaum's performance ended up leading the producers to gave him the role of The Flash in Justice League.