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Chuck connor gay

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I saw the alleged porno many years ago and the copy was black and white, grainy, and very washed out. You really couldn't see anything.

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There used to be Chuck connor gay videotape out with it on as well as the "Barbra Streisand porn" which clearly was NOT Streisand -- but that's about 25 years ago. Supposedly it's Connors well-hung getting a blowjob from a younger guy.

LA Times columnist Joyce Haber broke the news about the existence of the porno made late 40s- ish as a blind item that was clearly about Connors. Her column was in the mids. Anyone see the Rob Lowe sex film?

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He takes turns with a bud plowing some slut and then takes a piss with the door open and much splashy sounds. God, i'm old enough to remember that Rob Lowe scandal back in the 80s.

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What a shitstorm that was! It's funny, because the whole sex tape thing he did was a Chuck connor gay scandal at the time but today it's pretty much forgotten. Even that Nannygate thing seemed to disappear. Remember his nanny said nasty things about him and his wife. The guy who showed it to me had a nice clear copy. It was discussed on the "Today" show by Judith Crist, who said she Chuck connor gay it and said she was sure that was Chuck Conners.

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She explained that she was watching it from the viewpoint of film history. For several years, Crist was the film critic for the "Today" show. Yes, I saw it in the late 70's too. It was definitely him. Big cock and he was fucking another guy. Judith Crist actually named Connors on the Today Show? That's pretty out-there for the s, for Chuck connor gay to actually name him. Everyone knew who Joyce Haber was talking about, but still, that was gutsy of Crist -- I would think NBC would have been afraid of a lawsuit.

All you can see on this grainy 8mm scratchy film with dozens of splices is ol' Chuck dialing Chuck connor gay phone with a pencil.

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R9,What did Chuck Conners have to do wiyh film history? It's someone today reveiwing Jon Cryer porn for it's relevance to "film history".

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Chuck Connors porno Has anyone ever really seen it. Is any of it available online? Tells him she's sore.

Rob was lucy his career got over that scandal. I saw it, and it certainly looked like him. I saw it but it didn't quite live up to the hype. Sorry to bust your bubble, bitches.

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