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You can leave your tie on

Gay xXx Galleries You can leave your tie on.

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New articles New comments Series Search articles. Do you leave your ties tied? Thread starter desteffy Start date May 13, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Jul 16, 1, 0 0.

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I am bad at tying ties. I dont have to that often so I alway forget, and probably end up making up some kind of new way to tie them each time.

1. The tip of your...

I do have a habit of loosening a tie and hanging it up still tied, then next time i need to wear it, BAM! Aug 11, 5, 0 0. Fingolfin Lifer May 13, Feb 28, 17, 0 No, it takes like 20 seconds to tie a tie. Why would anyone be that lazy? Maybe the reason you suck at tying ties is because you don't tie them.

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Mar 9, 6, 0 0. I forget how to tie a tie but I've done that.

Spike Diamond Member May 13, Aug 27, 6, 1 I always retie, they just look better that way -spike. Baked Lifer May 13, Dec 28, 36, 0 I have only 1 tie, I've wore it twice Got no problem doing a tie though, rather simple. Mrvile Lifer May 13, Oct 16, 14, 0 0.

Aug 7, 8, 0 0. Oh, I answered the poll as though you were referring to shoelaces as ties. I was wondering why, but now I know. I don't wear ties. Sqube Diamond Member May 13, Dec 23, 3, 1 0. When I was in high school, this kid went three years without ever removing the not from his tie. When he graduated and tried to, he couldn't even begin to be able to take the knot apart.

Sqube When I was in high school, this kid went three years without ever removing the not from his tie. Oct 6, 5, 0 StageLeft No Lifer May 13, Sep 29, 70, 0 0.

I am unable to loosen it and then properly lengthen it again, so I retie each time. Aug 25, 4, 0 0.

In the world of ties...

I retie them, but I don't wear ties much anymore. MechJinx Senior member May 13, Mar 22, 0 0. I retie every time now.

When I was serving an LDS mission, I did go for stretches where I would leave my ties tied because I would just be putting one back on in the morning.

Feb 18, 42, 0 I retie them every time.

Amplifier Banned May 13, Dec 25, 3, 0 0. Aug 4, 65, 0 It wrinkles the tie. May 21, 22, 6 I usually have to try times to get it to look even remotely correct. Halfway into the ordeal, I often try to download another "how to tie a tie" manual in frustration.

Also leaving the knot in...

After times, I get one that is acceptable. Then I keep it for at least 10 wears, since I hate going through that again.

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I suck at that task. Buck Armstrong Platinum Member May 13, Dec 17, 2, 0 0. I retie every time.

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If you leave them tied, you'll ruin them. Part of being an adult man is knowing how to tie a tie, just like part of being an adult woman is knowing how to operate those little things that "fly through the night on wings.

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You must log in or register to reply here. Ryzen series Started by Vattila Dec 4, Replies: In the world of ties and knots and general formal wear, there are of course, some basic rules that come from common sense itself.

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Rules like. 30 of the best tie knots ever created by mankind to give you just the edge you need to look It's a very fancy knot that will leave a great impression on your boss. Also leaving the knot in your tie when not being used can create a permanent crease.